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5 Documentaries That Made An Impression

Recommended documentaries to whet your appetite for change

Over the years I’ve seen many documentaries about all sorts of subjects, mainly environmental and food related, but some bizarre ones too (check out Tickled....just weird!).  

I recently reflected on which documentaries started my journey to want to lead a more aware, if not sustainable, lifestyle.  I have 2 kids and sometimes convenience trumps all.  It's one thing to change how I behave but it's not right for me to impose changes upon my family, especially as this is a journey I may take alone, regardless of the encouragement and guidance I give to them.

So I guess it all started for me about 13 years ago, I don't recall precisely how I came about seeing my first documentary (of note) but I only caught a few minutes of it.  However, it made enough of an impression on me to want to seek it out.  I eventually came across it somehow and when I finally got to watch it all I just thought "Wow!".  There was so much to think about and it made me question or seek different views on key subjects that have huge influence on everyones daily life.  That film was Zeitgeist and is in at number one in the list below.  

I won't summarise the documentaries, I'd like you to watch them and then leave a comment on which is your fave, or your thoughts about any of them in the comments section below.


1) Zeitgeist - The Movie 



2) HOME  


3) Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret (Trailer) 

Available on Netflix here: Cowspiracy


4) Food Inc. 


An Inconvenient Truth (Trailer)

Available on Amazon Prime here: An Inconvenient Truth 


I hope you enjoyed watching the list of documentaries above. Let me know which are your favourite documentaries below.


All the best, 

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